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Pure Botanical PerfumesDeep, rich and sensual.  

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Botanical group 17ml



Women's PerfumesExotic Florals, Orientals, Fougeres and Chypres

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Product Parfum Damascena



Men's PerfumesRich leathers, dark woods and spicy gourmandes. It's time to play. 

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Botanical Mens Group



Men's ColognesClassics that are always in style

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Scents of MilanScents designed to be used pure or layered together in elegant combinations to reach the full essence of Milan.

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Scents of Milan FLEUR Product IMG 8609



SolifloresSingle flower perfumes

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Soliflore Parfums



Oil ParfumsBeautiful infusions for personal annointing

Parfum huille


Green Citrus Parfum Huille 10ml 8


Create your own perfume dispensary

The Fleurage Perfume Dispensary

A unique system of ingredients designed by the master perfumer to make the process simple, easy and enjoyable. The experience begins with the Fleurage perfumer’s personal scent analysis of each participant which reveals the scent family and type of perfume that is suited to their tastes.


8o Ingredients in 4 Fragrance Families

All the ingredients have been specially formulated to work harmoniously together. They are organised into the four major scent families floral, oriental chypre and fougere.

A simple set of questions will have you sampling from the group that is most likely aligned with your tastes. Each group is organised into and base middle and top notes.

create your own perfume Ingredients

create your own perfume menu

If you're not sure where to start

We have a menu of perfume recipes to either set a direction or make for yourself. The perfumes on the menu are avaliable for you to explore. 


Sample ingredients and select your favourites

Select as many or as few ingredients as you like. Be guided by your nose. Explore.

Fleurage create your own perfume

Fleurage create your own perfume formula

Create your own formula

From your selected ingredients with the guidance of the perfumer your formula is created and recorded on your own work sheet for you to take with you.


Create Your Own Perfume

Add the ingredients. We check in with the fragrance to see how it is progressing to make sure you leave with something beautiful. Your perfume will need to to settle for 24 hrs. 

create your own perfume making

Reviewers Comments

  • Once again, I have to state that people like Emma Leah and Fleurage are really the future of perfume. They’re brave enough to do what the big boys (no matter how talented the people they hire are) simply won’t: make perfume the way that great artists make art. Not to a brief or to a focus group or to a committee, but a personal statement as to what perfume should be. imageTom Pease Perfumeposse.com
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