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Pure Botanical PerfumesDeep, rich and sensual.  

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Botanical group 17ml



Women's PerfumesExotic Florals, Orientals, Fougeres and Chypres

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Product Parfum Damascena



Men's PerfumesRich leathers, dark woods and spicy gourmandes. It's time to play. 

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Botanical Mens Group



Men's ColognesClassics that are always in style

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SolifloresSingle flower perfumes

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Soliflore Parfums



Oil ParfumsBeautiful infusions for personal annointing

Parfum huille


Green Citrus Parfum Huille 10ml 8



As a perfumer there are ethical and artistic concerns with copying another’s creation and that is not the aim of the scent couture service offered. It would be the same as taking a favorite garment from a department store and asking a couturier to remake it. It can be done but there can be no guarantee of the results and it is against the idea of couture.

I dont allow myself much to do with another’s work as it can interfere with my processes of creation and as a result would be unfamiliar with the scent you might have in mind. If however there is a sample I would work with it and yourself to create a new perfume that is the essence of you. Please refer to the Scent Couture section of the website for the details of the process we offer.

Reviewers Comments

  • Once again, I have to state that people like Emma Leah and Fleurage are really the future of perfume. They’re brave enough to do what the big boys (no matter how talented the people they hire are) simply won’t: make perfume the way that great artists make art. Not to a brief or to a focus group or to a committee, but a personal statement as to what perfume should be. imageTom Pease Perfumeposse.com
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