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Pure Botanical PerfumesDeep, rich and sensual.  

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Botanical group 17ml



Women's PerfumesExotic Florals, Orientals, Fougeres and Chypres

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Product Parfum Damascena



Men's PerfumesRich leathers, dark woods and spicy gourmandes. It's time to play. 

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Botanical Mens Group



Men's ColognesClassics that are always in style

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SolifloresSingle flower perfumes

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Soliflore Parfums



Oil ParfumsBeautiful infusions for personal annointing

Parfum huille


Green Citrus Parfum Huille 10ml 8



We thank you for shopping with Fleurage and assure you we are dedicated to offering fabulous service to our clientele wherever we can.

Please read the following policies regarding the choosing and purchase of Fleurage products. Purchase of products on the website constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions set out by Fleurage. You may contact the Perfumery for more personal service by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., discuss your needs with the Perfumer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, if immediate specific attention is required, please call the Perfumery on +61 3 90360326. It will be our pleasure to help you in anyway we are able.

Fleurage offers a different kind of scent experience and endeavors at all times to fulfill your needs in good faith.

Our general consumer policy is purchase carefully taking into account all the information supplied on the website as Fleurage’s products are unable to be returned, or exchanged except in the case of a proven fault or incorrectly received order. Any other unforseeable issues that may arise will be dealt with on an individual basis in accordance with the Australian consumer law guidelines and at the discretion of Fleurage.

Here is our more specific guide to some purchase questions you may still have.

At all times Fleurage attempts to represent its products to facilitate the correct choice for a satisfying purchase experience throughout the website. The responsibility lies with you to read all the information before making a decision to purchase.

Fleurage will not accept return of product due to change of mind or subjective personal taste issues. You are encouraged to take advantage of our testers to determine the way in which a fragrance or product will work with your unique chemistry and tastes.

Each product is quality tested by real people before it goes on the shelves and checked before it leaves the Perfumery to ensure it is the correct item and in perfect condition. We use a reputable international logistics company to ship all products. All products are packaged in accordance with safety guidelines and shipping laws. All purchases must be delivered to an address where a signature can be obtained (and that’s not the person at the post office where your PO Box is).

Fleurage accepts no liability for breakage or loss in transit and any claims should be lodged with the transport company.

All Fleurage products are packaged in reusable containers and we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any skin finery, bathing products, fragrances or fragrance samples, due to possible product tampering conditions that may occur.

Fleurage supplies a full list of ingredients for each product on the site for your information and safety along with recommendations for use and cautions. Fleurage claims no liability for the misuse or abuse of our products. (Unless of course you use it to drive your lover mad with desire then we want to hear all about it.)

Our perfumes and scented products contain a blend of all natural, botanical ingredients including essential oils derived from leaves, barks, seeds, fruits, flowers, balsams, resins and roots. All products are of a dilution that is considered safe by industry standards, yet, we can not predict how an individual will react to our products. If any itching, redness or allergic symptoms occur, wash the area with clean water, stop using the product and seek the opinion of a qualified dermatologist, (because lets face it, with all the chemicals in everyday use it could be anything).

If you are concerned about potential allergies, please consult the website for product contents. We can also arrange custom fragrance free products upon request.

Fleurage perfumes are meant to be worn on external skin in small amounts. Regardless of the romantic advice to “wear it where you want to be kissed” it is not recommended that perfumes be applied to areas of the face and eyes, or on intimate or delicate areas of skin. 

Fleurage skin preparations and bathing products are scented topical products designed to make you feel good and smell desirable. Fleurage makes no claims of medical, scientific or health benefits to promote the use of our products. Any miraculous side effects or mysterious improvements to appearance or wellbeing should be considered as a happy coincidence and feel free to tell your friends.

Reviewers Comments

  • Once again, I have to state that people like Emma Leah and Fleurage are really the future of perfume. They’re brave enough to do what the big boys (no matter how talented the people they hire are) simply won’t: make perfume the way that great artists make art. Not to a brief or to a focus group or to a committee, but a personal statement as to what perfume should be. imageTom Pease Perfumeposse.com
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