Honeysuckle Vine

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Honeysuckle Vine Parfum 17ml

The sweet nectar that drips from these delicate yellow blooms signifies complete devotion. The Soliflore range are perfumes based around the concept of the single flower.


Unforgettable love.

Sweet orange floral

Fragrance type



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“What I can tell you is that these are both incredibly pretty floral perfumes. I really enjoy them both. Tulipes Joyeuses is rich and full-bodied - almost heady. Honeysuckle Vine is lighter and fresher. It is the longer-lived of the two on skin and projects more on me.

Both of these perfumes are distinctly floral, regardless of whether or not they are olfacto-realistic*. There is no doubt that these are pretty flowers, blooming beautifully on the skin. They make me feel like I'm wearing Spring – that enthusiasm, that sense of building energy, that feeling of potential.”


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