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Chaperone Botanical Parfum 17ml

Gentleman, protector, companion – Chaperone is dominated by the warm amber notes with hints of spice, citrus and sweetness. Comforting, warm and confident.


A true gentleman.

Sweet peppery warm wood.

Fragrance type

sweet spice wood


Read the review of Chypre by Liam Sardia on Olfactics 

“Fleurage’s Chaperone is an amber with a magnificent point of difference, like a deep and fine vintage wine. It lets the amber sing loudly and proudly, and in turn it cuddles close to the skin. Its deep moreish parfum format heralds amber and titivates it to the highest degree, made with 100% natural perfume ingredients…

…There is a tendency for this perfume to always pull back into a range that is undeniably intoxicating. Sultry and tender at the same time, this amber is something of a hidden gem. Delicious yet overloadingly oriental.

One of the best ambers I have ever smelled. When you wear this you will need a chaperone.”


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