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Grandiflora Botanical Parfum 17ml

Like putting your face up to the flowers growing on the vine. Fresh green notes deepen into the essence of jasmine. Coveted as the oil of royalty and lovers for thousands of years its aroma is arousing, calming and soothing. The scent is made in the spirit of the Indian term for jasmine as “moonlight shining in the garden”. Sensual and sweet, soft and smooth.


The beautiful essence of jasmine.

Heady, rich, sweet green jasmine flowers.

Fragrance type

rich floral


Read the review by Tom Pease on Perfumesmellingthings.  

"Grandiflora is less office friendly, which is the way I like it.  It's a jasmine that written of as being like "putting your face up to the flowers growing on the vine".  Actually it's better.  It starts for me with a thick, winey note that as it thins, become cooler, almost camphorous and green before bursting head-on into the jasmine.  The jasmine in Los Angeles is weird; it's heady from five feet away buy up close doesn't smell like much, perhaps you need the cumulative effect of masses of them.  This jasmine seems finally almost peppery, and so beautifully alive I'd like to smell it far more than my shrubs with the real thing."

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