Mens Cologne Cool Collection

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Plantation Cologne 17ml

Candied limes and iced tea. Notes: linen, cotton and fresh tea.

Gentleman’s Chypre Cologne 17ml

Sweet mossy green wood. Notes: leather, ambergris, tonka and ylang ylang.

Bayou Cologne 17ml

Green peach wood. Notes: resinous woods, smoke and floral peach.

Libertine Cologne 17ml

Soft rich musk over spices, herbs and a hint of floral. Notes: musk, amber, neroli and cherry.

Citron Cologne 17ml

A rich fresh citrus, sharp and sweet at once. Notes: neroli, mandarin, lemon and lime.

Four Thieves Cologne 17ml

Zesty green spice. Cool and fresh. Notes: green woods, nutmeg, pepper and mint.

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