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Salamander Botanical Parfum 17ml

Inspired by fire dragons playing in the flames and dancing in the embers. Sweet peppers and florals with dry warm spiced woods and resinous incense.


Fire dragons.

Spicy dry sweet wood.

Fragrance type

Wood spice.


Read the review by Tom Pease on Perfumesmellingthings.

"…Salamander which starts off with an oddly sweet pepper.  Odd because it's not like a sweet green or red pepper, but an actual combination of black pepper and slightly burnt sugar.  I don't remember ever smelling that combo before and frankly can't think why I haven't.  It's brilliant.  It also adds in a fair bit of (unlisted) musk, cumin and a wonderful woody incense, while the base amps it up with myrrh,  I'm hopelessly in thrall.  I have the first black-tie Event I'm going to (as a guest)  next month and I hope I can ration this out to be my scent…"

Selected best of 2011 by reviewer Tom Pease

"In any case I think I have to give the tip of the chapeau to Fleurage in general and in particular to their scent Salamander.  It might not have been created in 2011, but that's when I discovered it."


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