Vanilla Chai

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Vanilla Chai Botanical Parfum 17ml

Sweet, spicy, creamy tea notes just like an Indian Chai. Rich, comforting and sensual, soothing the senses and warming the heart.


Soothing spiced tea.

creamy spiced vanilla tea

Fragrance type

sweet vanilla spice


Read the review by Tom Pease on Perfumeposse.  

"Vanilla Chai is vanilla chai-like and chai tea from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The one aspect that’s left off, keeping it from being literal is the milky froth.  I’m very happy for that.  It’s sweet, spicy and very, very comforting.  I honestly hope (and this is in no way meant as an insult) that if Fleurage ever does sachets or room sprays that this is first on the list.  I can imagine some very sweet dreams coming from this." 

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