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Yuletide Botanical Parfum 17ml

The scent of spiced sweet oranges, warm woods, smoky incense and earth. Spread the joy of the season.


Traditional scents of yule.

cool spicy resins topped by citrus

Fragrance type

cool citrus resin


Read the review by Tom Pease on Perfumeposse.  

"Yuletide is both aptly named yet the name is almost a disservice to the scent.  Yes, there the scent of oranges that remind me of satsumas in the stocking, the middle notes of spice that bring to mind mulled wines and a smoky drydown with frankincense, myrrh and a golden sandalwood remind me of the Magi.  Yet the whole is so much more.  The whole composition is so brilliantly handled that I would want to be wearing this a lot longer than just the holidays.  Is it wrong to lust after Wise Men?"


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