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Traditional Perfumery and Scent Design

Restoring a Tradition

We created Fleurage to re-establish the lost art of classic European perfume making. The Fleurage Perfume Atelier is a traditional working perfumery. We manufacture our own perfumes, conduct classes and offer unique perfume events and experiences.

Our original perfumes are made on the premises from rare oils by the perfumer. You can talk to the maker about your special tastes, have your fragrance fitted or a custom perfume created. Our fragrances, tailored specifically to you.

Fleurage is rare in the world. Our understanding of fragrance reaches far below the surface. Beyond what smells nice into how we feel and what we remember. What we are attracted to and what we cherish. We connect emotions and memory to scent.

Fleurage is the only perfumery like this in Australia. We design, create and fit fragrance.


backgroundOur name and style


Why are we called Fleurage?

Fleurage literally means "of flowers" and is a derivation of the word Enfleurage. This is an ancient process of extracting essential oils from delicate and fragile blooms. Fleurage uses the best essential oils and ingredients sourced locally and from around the world in its scented product ranges.


What is the significance of the logo?

In mythology, the panther is endowed with an irresistible scent that it uses to bring others under its power. He is the constant companion to the woman at his side – the goddess of flowers. The muse and the force inspiring our philosophies and creations. The Art Deco stylings represent the Fleurage attention to detail and insistence on superior workmanship in everything we undertake.


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