• What does "scent families" mean? +

    The four families we use are broad categories of different types of fragrance themes.
  • Is creating your own perfume the same as bespoke perfume? +

    Technically they might seem the same but no they are not at all which is reflected in the price.
  • Do you make mens perfume? +

    Yes, a third of the Fleurage range is devoted to men.
  • Do you only make perfume? +

    No we make a large range of body, bath and space scenting products as well
  • Do your perfumes last on the skin? +

    Yes. The traditional construction of our perfumes ensures good longevity and staying power. Our perfume tries to make sure all formulas last at least 12 hours on the skin (making allowance for other factors that might interfere).
  • Where do the perfumes come from? +

    All Fleurage perfumes are made at the Atelier located in South Melbourne Victoria Australia.
  • What's the difference between botanical perfumes and other perfumes? +

    Over 80% of the world’s perfumes are made from 90% synthetic ingredients. Botanical perfumes are created using whole plant extracts only. They are what we call traditional perfumes.
  • What do you mean by botanical extracts? +

    The essence, or ingredient, is extracted from a plant source.
  • Does Fleurage only use botanical ingredients in all of its products? +

    We have two ranges at Fleurage. One we devote to botanical scenting (Fleurage Botanical) and also a range that incorporates synthetic scents (Fleurage Art Moderne). Any other ingredients we keep as simple and natural as possible.
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Common Queries and Questions

This is a short selection from conversations at the Atelier. Please feel fee to contact us if you have specific questions about scenting.

Perfumery Questions

  • What's an Atelier? +

    Atelier is the French word for "workshop", and in English is used primarily for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts.
  • Is it a chain? +

    No. Fleurage currently has only one location but some of our products may be found in very select outlets around the world.
  • Is it French? +

    The way we make perfume is French in style but Fleurage is an Australian owned and run company.
  • Can you ship overseas? +

    Yes we can and do ship overseas.
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Ethical Questions

  • Do you use animal products or test on animals? +

    We have two products that have an animal component. The silk cream uses powdered silk moth cocoons. We have taken great care to ensure these are harvested when discarded by the silk moth. Goat’s milk is also used in our soap lines. We do not test on animals and always
  • Do you test on animals? +

    No, but we may test our products on family and friends.
  • Do you buy locally? +

    We have a source locally first policy and adhere to it as much as possible. We support local industry.
  • Is your packaging recyclable? +

    Wherever possible we keep packaging to a minimum and adopt a recycle reuse policy.
  • Do you use sustainable crops and wild harvest ingredients? +

    Where possible we keep our ecological impact to a minimum. We keep up to date with ecology issues and observe best practice in line with sustainability.
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Other Product Questions

  • Do you make other products? +

    Yes. We have a considerable range of products for bath, body and space.
  • Do you have bubble bath for adults? +

    Yes we do.
  • Do the bath and body products match the perfumes? +

    The scents for products other than the perfumes are much simpler but complement the perfume range. A bespoke range of products with a specific perfume scent can be created.
  • Are the bath and body products just for women? +

    As with the perfumes all of our products can be enjoyed by anyone and we do have a specific collection that is considered more suitable to the gents.
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