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Stage Ready - anxiety treatment

World First Anxiety Breakthrough

In this world first Australian breakthrough Anna Boulic (Voice Coach, VCA and National Theatre Schools) and Emma Leah (Master Perfumer, Fleurage Perfume Atelier) have collaborated to combine scent with actor training to enable a person to use fragrance to immediately recall a state of calm-readiness.

Emma Leah has created a unique whole scent specifically for the purpose of being associated with the practiced state. Immediately before the performance, the person smells the scent, recalls the memory association and experiences reduced anxiety.

Anna Boulic has been training actors for seven years but the introduction of scent to recall the training during the recent trails has seen the success rate soar. The system has been designed so it may be applied to any form of performance anxiety in any field, including public performances such as acting, public speaking, musical recital, singing, sport, or media appearance. Initial research has revealed some participants using it to address other general anxieties that the training was not originally intended for. This indicates an application of immense importance.


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Create Your Own Perfume

Create your own perfume

Fleurage announces Create your own Perfume. A breakthrough in scent design which allows people to be intimately invvolved inthe selection of ingredientss and hands on in the making of their own perfume. The system was designed by the Fleurage Master Perfumer Emma Leah to allow individuals to experience first hand perfume making and use their own nose to guide the creation process. The ingredients have been designed to worrk harmoniusly across the range and are organised into distinct easy to relate to families. 


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Performance Trials

Create Your Own Perfume

Volunteers being sought for trials using scent in the treatment of anxiety.


Call on 07 3129 0868, email or make an appointment to visit the scent design studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise.


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