We welcome you to explore the extraordinary world of fragrance with us.

- Master Perfumer, Emma Leah -

Why us?

  • We are an independent perfume house.

    We design and make our own range of original limited run fragrances and other scented products. We have our own perfumer you can talk with about scent. A genuine Master Perfumer who has designed and created our entire range. We aren't bound to follow trends and we can offer you whatever your heart desires when it comes to fragrance. Bespoke perfume, perfume making classes, ingredients and a range of over 100 Fleurage perfumes to choose from.
  • We are rare.

    The Atelier is our lab where everything is made. Our ingredients come from all over the world and are often obscure and forgotten. We welcome exploration of the art of perfumery. We are the only perfumery of its kind in Australia and one of only a handful in the world.
  • You can ask us anything you like about fragrance.

    Our perfumer has been studying scent in its various applications for over twenty years. Between her extensive knowledge, our comprehensive library and the raw ingredients Ms Leah can offer personal enlightenment about the mysterious world of perfumery.
  • We make perfumes the way they used to.

    We practice European perfumery using botanical ingredients. These ingredients are complex and endlessly interesting creating rich deep scents that wrap around your own skin becoming a part of your own unique signature. This is what made French perfumery famous around the world.
  • Find the right fragrance for you.

    We encourage you to explore your tastes through trying individual ingredients, finding your scent type, understanding how to wear scent and offering the creator’s advice and guidance. The Atelier is a place to investigate, question and try.
  • We make choosing the right perfume easy.

    Wether it is selecting your own or finding that perfect gift, we offer: Expert mature advice. No paid pressure selling, just information. A beautiful relaxed environment to explore scent. Our own complete range of originals. The highest quality ingredients. The option for something more unique with a bespoke creation. The opportunity to create your own.
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Call on 07 3129 0868, email or make an appointment to visit the scent design studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise.


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