Oriental Perfumes

Warm spice fragrances – resins, woods and exotic florals.

This classic category is widely misunderstood. Usually perceived as heavy and sickly, true orientals are in fact rich and bold and steeped in the sensuality of resins, woods, exotic florals and spices. They can be reminiscent of incense wafting through temples and warm tropical nights or conjure dreams of exotic eastern lands and sensual adventures of the heart.

Gourmande Oriental
AUD 100.00 Vanilla Chai
AUD 100.00 Yuletide
AUD 100.00 Red
AUD 100.00 Gypsy
AUD 100.00 Siren
AUD 100.00 Mabon
AUD 100.00 Salamander
AUD 100.00 Chaperone
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