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The Home Magazine

the home magazine

How to harness scent at home

While we’re all attuned to using the primitive information decoder to assess our environment – think leaning in close to breathe something deeply when it smells beautiful, and making a detour when something unpleasant wafts our way – we’re too often brushing over the deeper effects of this sense.

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Women With Drive

Women with drive

Portrait of a Perfume

Emma has spent a decade creating extraordinary fragrances for women who desire a signature perfume. woman with drive spoke to her about bespoke perfumes and signature scents.

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Time Out

Time Out

Fleurage Perfume Atelier

…Soon, the bottle is full, and we’re happier with the final product than any commercial perfume we’ve ever bought.

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My French Life

My french life

Perfume goes back to its roots at Fleurage

Few items evoke a sense of French luxury and elegance more than perfume. Like all things, scents give way to trends and time.

But two entrepreneurs and perfume enthusiasts in Melbourne decided it was time to take the allure of perfume back to its roots. Emma Leah (Master Perfumer) and Robert Luxford (Designer) founded Fleurage in 2008 to do just this.


Beautyholics Anonymous

Beautyholics anonymous

Creating my first bespoke perfume

As for my perfume, it turned out to be absolutely perfect. It’s very me. It’s fresh and light, just the way I like it. LeGeeque’s perfume is far more complex than mine and smells wonderful as well. Each perfume comes with a small metal sheet that allows us to engrave the name of our perfumes. Mine shall be engraved “Christine“. 

If you haven’t had a bespoke perfume experience before, I highly, highly recommend it. Make it a girl’s day out with your girlfriend(s). If you’re a perfume lover, you won’t regret it.

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The Age

Whiskey Scent Tasting IMG 0301

The perfume of the peat – Kilchoman, Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain

We smelt a range of Emma's personally crafted and natural extracts against some smoky whiskies to see which scents would be removed, altered or enhanced. "It's a practice that is commonly used when designing and analysing fragrances," Emma told me.

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Distant Francophile

distant francophile perfume creation

Fleurage – Part Two

France and perfume just go to together – well, at least in my mind they do! Grasse, in the south of France, is famous in the world of perfume and almost all of the great fragrances are French. I say almost because today I have a new favourite fragrance and although it was crafted in a French style, it is very definitely an Australian original.


Perfume Polytechnic

perfume polytechic thirteen thoughts

Thirteen Thoughts

Thirteen thoughts from perfumers around the globe. Each perfumer profiled at Perfume Polytechnic has been presented with the same set of thirteen questions that probe into scent memories, imagination, education, history, the creative process and philosophy. Tune in each week for a new instalment to learn more about the olfactory arts and how perfumers think about smell.

Perfume polytechnic


fragrantica zodiac perfumes

Perfumes of the Zodiac

We would not understand lightness if we wouldn’t have to deal with occasional density. This week we are looking at some wonderful fragrances by the Australian house Fleurage.

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Janice Breen Burns

Voxfrock was intrigued by Fleurage. A perfumer! we thought. How lovely. But, weren’t perfumers Genoan? Or Parisien? Or extinct? Or, at best, strapped to the labs of mega scent factories operated by global designer brands? Voxfrock’s historic knowledge of the profession was pathetically limited. We knew of Ernest Beaux who concocted the legendary No. 5. for Coco Chanel. And, there was the mythical, murderous “gifted and abominable” Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, lead character of author, Patrick Suskind’s small, disturbing literary masterpiece, “Perfume”. We knew about him. But, that was about it. So, on a cold, quiet Friday morning, with legendary Vogue photographer Monty Coles, we arrange to meet Miss Emma Leah in her little Fleurage empire on South Melbourne’s wide, tram-tracked Park Street.


Perfume Polytechnic

perfume polytechnic making perfume karatta

Create your own perfume – Part two

My Create Your Own Perfume experience was a one-on-one experience with perfumer Emma Leah and took about two hours. The session took place in the Atelier, which is a combination of workspace and shop. Fleurage is a gorgeously decorated old shop, very stylish with vintage and Art Deco accents. Part two process


Perfume Polytechnic

perfumepolytechnic Karrata

Create your own perfume – Part one

Recently I had a very special birthday. My wonderful partner, knowing that (A) I love nothing more than making things and (B) I am obsessed with perfume, gave me a fantastic gift: a voucher for a Create Your Own Perfume experience at Fleurage Perfume Atelier in South Melbourne. Fleurage is a traditional, European-style perfumery. Part one inspiration


Perfume Polytechnic

perfumepolytechnic meetup at Fleurage

Perfumistas meetup at Fleurage

A small group of Melbourne perfume aficionados recently had a wonderful and immersive experience learning all about fragrance from botanical perfumer Emma Leah at her perfume atelier Fleurage. perfumepolytechnic

Onya Magazine

onya magazine

Gaynor Alder

They are as intriguing as their extensive perfume range, their “joie de vivre” is infectious and their knowledge unsurpassable. But what really stamps an impression on you is their integrity for the customer experience.

Fleurage is a perfumery like no other and the customer experience is real. It’s a consultative one on one approach that takes you on a beautiful and utterly enthralling journey to discover your personal scent.




"Milan" Book launch

Style Farm

From stylefarm.com.au 

Held at the iconic Intercontinental Melbourne the Rialto, the intimate space was filled with prints and projections from Robyn’s wonderful book. Our hosts JC Lloyd-Southwell d’Anvers and Dean Hewitt were charming, the champagne flowed freely and the food was fantastic, not that I got to taste any until much later in the evening (food and cameras don’t mix).   Being a lover of fragrance, I was very pleased to meet Emma Leah from Fleurage Perfume Atelier who masterfully developed signature ‘Milan’ perfumes especially for the book.  Overall the evening was a very elegant affair.


Couturing "Milan"


Launch of the Milan Book

To also celebrate the event, perfumer Emma Leah and Robert Luxford from Fleurage Perfume Atelier developed a series of signature ‘Milan’ scents especially for the book. Guests were also given the opportunity to play with the different notes and create their own unique scent.


Good44 Magazine


Melbourne's Best Perfumeries

With a perfume, bath and body range, Fleurage products are made using high quality 100% botanical ingredients. Inside a 1930’s art-deco-style shop, discover your own personal scent with the advice of expert Emma Leah, who designs, creates and consults for Scent Couture, their custom range.


Rebecca Howden


Scent and sensuality: a trip to Fleurage Perfume Atelier

There’s a scene in the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (an adaptation of the novel by Patrick Suskind) in which a retiring perfumer discovers a fragrance created by a young olfactory genius. The scent transports him to a lush, mystical world in his mind. Surrounded by luscious flowers, a beautiful woman leans in and kisses him on the cheek and whispers in his ear. When he opens his eyes again, the change in him is visible – the scent has moved him, altered him in some way.


Lindy Charm School



The Art Of Seduction – Part 6


A really unique gift for say at a hens gathering is to engage someone like Fleurage (An exquistite perfumery in Melbourne) to create The Brides own personal scent by you all choosing the ingredients. This is a custom steeped in tradition as a tribute to the Bride from her sisters as they wish her well on her new life journey.

the lindy charm school



My Spring with Artisan Perfumers, Part I

I‘m in the Autumn right now in Brazil, but I could find flowers in my garden. These flowers are the talented perfumers who are visiting us in this article. Some of them are 100% natural perfumers using only botanicals, and others work with a mix of synthetics and botanicals; however, that is not the point here.  The matter is to introduce to you these natural and/or artisan perfumers,


Call on 07 3129 0868, email or make an appointment to visit the scent design studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise.


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