Reviews of Fleurage Perfumes


Lucy Raubertas reviews Magnolia, Equinox and Gypsy

The three fragrances I have tried from Fleurage are Magnolia, Equinox and Gypsy. 

All three have an opening that almost seems like hay, but it’s well worth the wait of about 30 seconds as they morph and change entirely. They all bloom out and get celestially prettier and prettier and then leap over to beautiful. 

I cannot stress enough that they all have a lot of development, changing rapidly throughout wear, getting richer over time. They hold their top notes tenaciously, and somehow I get a whiff of fresh water from a fast running stream over stones releasing a light mineral mist in the air. 

That part of it is more a mood than a physical description of notes, by which I mean there is an impression of freshness in all three, whether or not they come from the direction of citrus, wood, floral or incense. The energy is high in all three, somewhat similar to that very highest keynote of a tea rose, almost like the moisture of a living thing. 

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