Scent Couture bespoke perfume

Elab Performance Enhancement and Scent Memory Recall

With our deep understanding of scent and psyche we have created a world-first break through in training. 

Working with voice coach Anna Boulic we have developed a scent that acts as as a memory key to counter stage fright and performance anxiety. 

Instead of relying on past memories and experiences, through the training we create a new state of "performance readyness" and then use scent's direct memory access to recall that state. Imagine using your own memory to control anxiety. 

Create positive memories and recall them with a fragrance. How could this be harnessed in your field? 

Elab performance enhancement

Encoding Storage and Retreival

Combining physical execrsises with scent we have created a method to encode, store and retrieve a physical state. Through repitition the brain stores that particular smell with the feeling of the exercises. 

ESR actively connects physical and emotional memory to a scent.

How could this apply to your offer? 



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