scent couture bespoke perfume lost loves

There are many reasons perfumes are lost. Age, changes in fashion, ingredient accessibility and lack of popularity all take perfumes off the shelves. Recovering a lost scent is a challenge only highly skilled perfumers can undertake with any confidence. Our perfumer requires a detailed description of the name, your impression of the scent and when it was last used. If you have a sample it is greatly appreciated but not necessary. 

Ingredients have to be researched thoroughly and obtained and the perfumer will then reinterpret the fragrance into a new form. Several versions will be formed and trialled. Understand that the perfume will be different and requires an adjustment to the scent. We know you loved the perfume that is gone but it cannot be definitely recreated by us as you perceive it. 

Please note that our perfumer would never copy another’s art exactly as it is unethical. 

What you receive for this service  is a unique fragrance formulation based on your lost perfume in an art glass bottle or vintage style flacon along with 500ml of the created parfum. The process for formulation and creation will take a minimum of one year.

The price for this rare service is $7,000

Please contact us at the scent design studio.


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