Product Development

Products designed to extend your brand into a personal tactile luxury experience.

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Combining other disciplines with scent association and memory recall.

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Launch Ranges

Unique perfume products to integrate with your event and brand experience.

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Market Research

A perfume designed around your favourite ingredients.

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Being an independent perfume house gives Fleurage an advantage when it comes to the services we offer. In the luxury industry we recognize that special clients have specific needs and we can tailor our offer to their vision. Scent design is not a menu list of services. Scent design is understanding the wider range of needs and the specific scent applications.

We advise and guide the process from the initial idea of wanting a fragrance through the many steps that lead to a finished product ready for market. We can consult, advise, collaborate, conduct research or develop a product line.

We have a proven process that transforms a brief into fragrance and beyond. We understand brands, market positioning and production.

Contact the Atelier with your idea and speak with the perfumer personally. From the smallest need to the largest we are enthusiastic to make your vision a reality.



Call on 07 3129 0868, email or make an appointment to visit the scent design studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise.


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