Having a bespoke perfume created is a true luxury experience. Our Scent Couture requires personal attention, extensive choice of ingredients and the final combination formed, then fitted by a Master Perfumer. You're not buying someone’s label, you are having your perfume created with a specific scent intention.

Portrait in Perfume

A perfume all about who you are – created by the perfumer to match you

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Lost Loves

Re-created from the memory of long past fragrance.

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Bridal Scent Couture

A unique perfume for the special day.

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Ingredients By Request

A perfume designed around your favourite ingredients.

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Our Perfumer is highly skilled in converting tastes, emotions, traits and ideas to a deeply personal scent representing the many facets that make an individual.

Scent Couture bespoke perfume

Custom Fragrance

At Fleurage we believe in the old ways of high end, quality production of beautiful unique parfums. Couture is a word synonymous with custom design and fit. It actually means "the join of pieces". Our Scent couture is exactly that. A scent that is pieced together by a master perfumer to your exact fit.


For the one and only you

As with any Couture service we use the finest ingredients available to make your creation not just unique but of a beauty that is rare and valuable. Our master perfumer's speciality is classic high end perfumery from a time when fragrances were all about the wearing and not the image.


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