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Emma Leah Fleurage Master Perfumer

Emma Jane Leah

Owner and Master Perfumer of Fleurage Pty Ltd

Considered a world class independent niche perfumer, I specialise in traditional forms of perfumery both in historical form and translated to modern style.
 I have dedicated 20 years study to aromatherapy, skin care preparations and botanical perfumery culminating in the creation of the Fleurage Perfume Atelier range.

I come to the world of scent not from a general institutional base of learning but rather a more personal disciplined research and study.

My training has been twenty years of personal tutoring and mentorship from the likes of the Piesse and Lubin school and the greats like Roudnitska in the traditional historic methods of scent creation. I have studied all facets of scent application from ancient aromatherapy through all personal grooming products to modern industrial commercial perfumery.

My speciality is european high end perfumery and personal scent creation. My passion is scent and the psyche and especially cross sensory exploration combining all of the senses for maximum experience and impact using scent as both the stimulus and anchor.

My enthusiasm and dedication to the world of scent allows me a freedom to offer many exclusive services. 

  • Bespoke fragrance creation
  • Perfume formula design and manufacture
  • Perfumery teaching and guided experience
  • Consultation in scent history, biology and psychology
  • Collaborative work in the fields of cross sensory experience

Scent is my life and my world.



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